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And so I have made a blog...

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i just recorded this show on my tv and let me tell you i’m VERY excited
 azumangagirl101 whispered: You can call and ask him.

Call him yourself.

 Anonymous whispered: ewe *Pulls curl then runs off into the night*

I honestly don’t know what you were expecting.

 azumangagirl101 whispered: He's busy right now! Besides, I asked him yesterday and he completely changed the subject...

Uh huh… where’s your proof.

 azumangagirl101 whispered: And why is that?

You have to settle on asking his older brother rather than actually interact with him.

 azumangagirl101 whispered: *giggles* Can't think of anything or you can't tell me?

No. I just feel pity for you.

 azumangagirl101 whispered: I'm just saying, what if I was?

 azumangagirl101 whispered: Oh? And what would you do to me if we were closer?

Knowing my lil’ brother, you will never be closer.

 azumangagirl101 whispered: Actually, no. I didn't. Besides, Icey and I aren't THAT close.

That’s nice. Great to know.